Busiest mailing season, busiest dog bite and attack season

Press release from U.S. Postal Service

Faced with an expected peak in dog bite injuries in December, the U.S. Postal Service is asking residents to help keep their pets restrained during mail delivery hours.

Dog bites and dog-related injuries are on the rise and they are expected to peak in December when kids are out of school for winter break and carriers are delivering a high volume of mail and holiday packages to residents’ front doors.

Dog attacks on letter carriers are a serious problem in our communities. In 2012 (January through December), San Diego County letter carriers experienced 75 dog bites/attacks. So far this year, 2013 (January through November) dog bites/attacks on letter carriers are at 89. 

Letter carriers in San Diego will be wearing Dog Bite Awareness t-shirts on Saturdays and Sundays while delivering mail as a reminder to dog owners of the importance of responsible pet ownership to help prevent potential injuries and to underline the dog owner’s legal responsibility for damages and medical expenses caused by dog bites.


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