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Toys in the Girl Gift Bag
Toys in the Girl Gift Bag
In the movie Fred Claus, Fred and the elves are running out of time to make toys for the children. Fred comes up with the idea that they make the same toy for each boy and each girl. When Fred asks it would be possible to make enough toys in time, an elf responds "It is, but, Fred, that's not what the kids asked for.".

Fred's response has resonated in my head since I first heard it:

"Yeah, but all that matters is that each of the kids get a toy. That they have something that they can open when they wake up in the morning. Most importantly, they all know there's somebody who's thinking about them."

Too many children without the joy of receiving a holiday gift. This isn't a matter of families not being able to afford the newest Xbox or Ipad, but rather not being able to provide their children with anything at all.

At Creative Instinct, we would like to do our part to help change that. We have purchased a variety of thousands of toys and placed them into "holiday gift" bags for parents to give to their children.

We are giving these holiday bags away to those who need them. There is no requirement of any sort to receive these bags. No need to buy anything from our store. No need to sign up for anything.

Just come to 8774 Cuyamaca St, Santee, CA 92071  from now until Dec 23, 2013 and simply let us know that you would like a bag or two; we will gladly provide.

Please note the following:

#1. At this time we are limiting this offer to two bags per family. This is just to be as fair as possible to others as we have about 500 "boy" bags and 500 "girl" bags.
#2. Please note the pictures provided shows what we placed in these bags.
#3. This offer is limited; once we run out of bags, we can't provide any more!

All that matters is that each of the kids get a toy. Happy Holidays, everyone!

-Creative Instinct


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