30 Under 30 San Diego County Leader No. 17: Carris Rhodes

Carris Rhodes has worked to improve the city of Encinitas for years.

A love for her community has carried Carris Rhodes and the city of Encinitas far.

Rhodes, 26, is the program assistant for the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association after interning for the organization for four years. But the association, which has a mission to maintain and improve the city's downtown district, is just one of her jobs.

"I also have a joke with my friends that I have two paid jobs and eight unpaid jobs," she said. "To say I just work at the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet is an understatement. My field is pretty broad and involves yoga, food and downtown Encinitas."

Rhodes is a yoga instructor, an environmental commissioner for the city and works with various groups to maintain the beauty of the city she's called home since her childhood.

"I feel my biggest accomplishment has been working in the community and helping advance the level of environmental awareness in the community," she said. "Raising the collective consciousness through environmental awareness is one of my top goals in life."

Rhodes, who is inspired by a number of teachers, hopes to one day own a business relating to yoga, food and the environment.

Advice for young people:

"Do what you love and find a community you can support that supports you as well. Today we get stuck thinking that we need to move to Washington, D.C., to make a difference or live in a big city to prove we can survive in the 'real world,' but I found that the more comfortable you are, the more supported you feel, the more potent you become and the more likely you will be to find a place of leadership and excel in your field. Do not isolate yourself; wherever you find community is the place you need to be. Look for the signs and magically the path unfolds in front of you."

Bruce Stephens October 18, 2011 at 03:33 PM
I know Carris Rhodes, and she is a joy to behold. She has done more good here in Encinitas in a few short years than many of us who have had many more. We in the community are proud of her.


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