30 Under 30 San Diego County Leader No. 24: Soheil Sassani

This young business owner is living the American dream.

Soheil "Sean” Sassani had one goal when he ventured to the U.S. 10 years ago from Iran—to live the American Dream.

Now at 23, Sassani is fluent in English, a language he didn't speak a word of in 2001 and is the owner of .

He considers his biggest accomplishment to be that he has made it this far in the U.S.

"My own life story could very well be the subject of a prize-winning book," he said. "I say this fully aware that there are many, many out there with stories just like mine, and I hope to meet them all."

Inspired by his family and the kindness he was taught, he hopes to see his new coffeehouse grow and prosper while encouraging others to befriend strangers.

"My goals and hopes are all based on my own life experiences and that is to create an environment where others can start a conversation with a complete stranger," he said. "I believe that there's much to talk about and to learn from each other, even though we come from totally different backgrounds and pasts."

Advice for young people:

"I would like to tell them to not be afraid. Fear is what we are taught from an early age. Fear of humiliation, etc., but none of that matters. At the end of the day your path might change somebody else's life in a positive way, and that's the most important thing a human being can do in his/her lifetime."

Equine Abby October 24, 2011 at 03:59 PM
he is living the American dream


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