8% in Santee Live in Poverty, Lowest Rate in East County

More than 4,400 Santeeans fall below the federal poverty level, a new SANDAG report shows.

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new report released Wednesday by SANDAG shows that 8 percent of individuals and 6 percent of families in Santee live below the federal poverty level. That equates to more than 4,400 Santeeans.

Santee's poverty rate falls below the county average of 13 percent. Santee ranks the third lowest poverty rate amongst city's in the county, on par with Carlsbad and Solana Beach.

The federal Census Bureau's definition of poverty varies based on age and family size, but was $11,490 a year in 2013 for a single person under the age of 65.

SANDAG found that El Cajon, Santee's neighbor, has the highest individual poverty rate in the county, at 32 percent.

The San Diego Association of Governments is the region’s primary public planning, transportation, and research agency. It is a joint effort by the region’s 18 cities and the county government.  

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