Farmers Market Fresh: Spanky's Loquats

Find new fruit at Spanky's Rare and Unique Plants- a vendor at the Santee Farmers Market with some curious wares.

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Spanky's Rare and Unique Plants is a vendor at the that always has an interesting variety of plants, fruits and herbs. Last week, he had Loquats, an Asian fruit reminiscent of a mix of melon and pear, that I hadn't encountered before.

Spanky comes down from his home in Oceanside for the market, a home where he must grow an astounding number of plants that he propagates and harvests and then shares with the rest of us. As the name suggests, he specializes in plants and herbs that you might not find at your normal nursery and vegetables in containers.

You can get a nice looking wooden box filled with soil and neat rows of planted, a Staghorn Fern, or hanging with fruit that will spill down the side.

The Loquats were homegrown and perfectly ripe. He only has small quantities of the fruit, with a few boxes at the last market. They're cheap too- a box the size of a normal Strawberry box costs just $1. I suggest you get to the market early to get some.

More odd fruit at the market: Cherimoya- What's That?

Steven Bartholow May 16, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Have you ever tried a Loquat? What did you think of it?


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