Future Design for Mast Park Set for Approval

A blueprint of the new design for Mast Park now needs to be reviewed and approved by SPARC and the City Council.

After and three different designs concerning the , landscape architect Glen Schmidt presented the preferred alternative at a public workshop last week at .

The blueprint design for redeveloping Mast Park has left the public planning phase, and now must be reviewed by the (SPARC) in November and later by the .

Highlights of the refined design proposal include:

  • Installing a new restroom that is water and energy efficient
  • Paving a nine-tenths-of-a-mile-long concrete loop trail
  • Creating 45 new parking spaces along the park’s northern border
  • Adding two boardwalks that would offer close-up views of the river
  • Erecting a new entry sign and orientation signs
  • Creating dry creek beds that would serve as natural play areas for kids and also divert runoff into a bioswale that would reduce pollution reaching the river
  • Adding three new shaded picnic pavilions, including a large gazebo suitable for
    weddings or family reunions
  • Cluster new exercise apparatuses at a fitness station

One of the main things to come out of the public forums was a wish to retain the . In this light, the design keeps the mature trees and adds "low-growing native plants." The would be divided into separate areas for large and small dogs. "Discovery nodes" have also been included, which would allow visitors to learn about wildlife, and the .

Funding for the $117,000 project is assisted by a Healthy Communities Planning Grant from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), according to the city.

A video of landscap architect Glen Schmidt describing the proposed changes with a map of the park is viewable in the media box.


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