Santee's Many Mobile Home Parks

12 mobile home parks in Santee make up about 12 percent of dwellings in town.

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The city of Santee is home to 2,328 residences within 12 mobile home parks- representing about 12 percent of the city's housing market- and the city is a huge supporter of those residents. The 2010 range for mobile home rent in Santee went from $360 to $715, with an average of $625, according to a report recently released by the city (see attached PDF).

Seven of the parks are strictly open to those older than 55, a population distinctly vulnerable to rent increases, often times home to residents on a fixed income. With that in mind, the city enacted a mobile home rent control ordinance in 1989 that has since been revamped a few times and defended by the city in numerous court proceedings against park operators, which continue to this day and included a refusal by the California Supreme Court to review a lawsuit challenging the ordinance.

Rent Control FAQ (circa 2007): greenbrierhoa.blogspot.com/2007/08/faqs-santee-and-rent-control.html 

The city's Manufactured Home Fair Practices Commission (MHFPC) "seeks to prevent excess increases of manufactured home space rents to park residents while providing a fair rate of return to manufactured home park owners," according to the city website.

The MHFPC put out a list of Santee's mobile home parks with details about each park, accurate as of 2010 (see attached PDF).

The city had in place a system for low income mobile home park residents which was recently eliminated as part of the blowback from the state's and the significant funds that go with that.

The issue of mobile home rent control in Santee is expected be a topic at an upcoming .


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