Santee Tube: San Diego River Park

The system of trails and river access from Lakeside and through Santee is being developed.

East County Magazine put together a ten minute video about plans for the San Diego River Park connecting the trail between Lakeside and Santee.

Margie Palmer laid out the details of the San Diego River Park Conceptual Plan in an article last year:

The San Diego River Park Conceptual Plan discusses the creation of a river park along the length of the San Diego River which runs from the El Capitan Reservoir to the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach. The collective goal of those involved in the project "are to preserve and celebrate the river's historic resources, to support the natural stream processes, to preserve and enhance riparian habitat and to provide recreation access and activities," according to the plan's abstract.

Santee, which is currently working to develop a river park alongside the stretch of the river within its city limits, also has a conceptual plan, which involves maximization of public use, flood protection of surrounding areas and the creation of bicycle and pedestrian corridors along both sides of the river.

Bill Howell May 03, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Another excellent piece of work by Lakeside videographer/reporter William Ortiz. He has many excellent reports on Face Book's "Lakeside Historical Society" page and the "Legends of Lakeside" page. Worth a look, especially if you are a native of the area.


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