The Great Escape Bike Away

For a healthy and happy kick, pedal your worries away around the Santee community. Join a group or go solo- just get out and enjoy the spring weather on a bike.

When was the last time you actually pedaled a bike? Did you know that biking is, along with , one of the best full-body exercises offered? Grab your beach cruiser or mountain bike and get going. Santee offers a number of locations to enjoy your mommy-free pedal time around town.

Try these options for all of your biking needs:

  • A true biker looking for the next big challenge or to join an group and get in shape? Try www.bikely.com. Organizers are encouraged to post bike groups around town, many of which begin or "go thru" Santee. 
  • offers biking locations for all ages. Can't find a sitter? Take the kiddos on a fun bike ride around the park. Or, try a mountain bike trail on your own, with the hubby, or with friends. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and always make sure to wear a helmet. Biking off trail requires safety too!
  • Bonus Tip: Mast Park is a 58 acre public park with picnic areas, playground, and paved or unpaved bike trails. Pack a lunch and take a relaxing picnic break after your bike workout. Find out more at the City of Santee's homepage, here.
  • Try out the for easy, medium, and difficult trails as well.
  • has over 24 years experience in the bike industry. Cruise over for a tune-up, "comfort" bike, or anything related to BMX. They are open Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Looking for all the right gear? A & B Cycle might be able to help- just be sure to stop by any other day but Sunday and Monday when they are closed.

The benefits of biking are numerous, from a healthy heart to a great escape. See more here at adultbicycling.com and enjoy your free time, mama.


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