Weird San Diego: The Strangest SD News of 2013

The Easter Bunny gets arrested, UFOs flying and pot falling from the sky are among the strangest San Diego stories of 2013.

San Diego isn't just America's Finest City, it's also one of the weirdest. 

"People in San Diego think they’re normal and those are the weirdest ones of all," said La Mesa resident and Huffington Post Weird News writer David Moye. Growing up in San Diego was perfect training for his very weird job, he said.

In the past 12 months, there were all sorts of strange goings-on, including a UFO sighting over Santee, an Easter Bunny getting a traffic ticket and a man arrested for pimping while wearing an "I Make Pimping Look Easy" shirt.

Here Moye, who routinely tallies millions of page views for odd news stories from around the world, picks nine nutty San Diego stories that didn’t get much attention but are worth their weight in weird.

San Diego Man Arrested For Pimping While Wearing ‘I Make Pimpin’ Look Easy’ Shirt  

Motorcycling Easter Bunny Pulled Over For Speeding

Shirtless Man Smears Feces On Car

Jersey Joe’s Pizza Owner Accused Of Masturbating At Work

Jesus Appears On Window At Hard Rock Hotel

Thieves Still Hooter’s Jukebox Thinking Its ATM

262 Pounds Of Pot Fall From Sky

UFO Spotted Over Santee

San Diego Hosts First Ever Laughing Championship 
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