UFO Photographed Over Edgemoor Barn in Santee

More strange activity happening around Santee's oldest building, which is said to be haunted.

Credit: Ellen Henry
Credit: Ellen Henry
SANTEE, CA -- A member of the Santee Historical Society (SHS) added a page to the paranormal history of Santee when she snapped a photo of an "unidentified flying object" over the Edgemoor Barn a couple weeks ago.

Ellen Henry, a SHS researcher, said she didn't hear or see what looks like a metallic saucer shaped object (see photos), but noticed an anomaly in the photo when she uploaded it to her computer and enlarged the image.

Reports of strange happenings at Edgemoor Barn, which just turned 100 years old, have led to investigations by paranormal investigators and the idea that the barn is haunted. The issue has been discussed at SHS board meetings and the museum even has a "ghost log," with numerous incidents reported, including shadow figures and the sounds of stomping boots.

Henry also reported that the camera she was using when she shot the UFO photo stopped working completely after that day. UFO witnesses often report similar accounts of electronics malfunctioning during or after a sighting.

Santee sits right under a military flight path and borders Gillespie Field, so the city gets a wide variety of aircraft in its skies. Could this photo be an unusual military craft, a drone, a on-of-a-kind plane testing for Wings Over Gillespie, or simply a blurred insect? Or could there be even stranger things over head?

Here's her account of the sighting:

I did not see or hear the object, nor did the guys at Balfour Beatty who were out there at the same time I was taking the pics. I thought it could be military, but being from a military background I am familiar with these types of air crafts, and at this point the closest aircraft that is often mistaken for a UFO are the Stealth Fighter Bombers, and that was definitely not one. Someone did mention perhaps it was a drone, however I have not seen any drones that were round, or oval, and lacking wings, rudders,or propellers, even the drone that looks like a fly has wings.
I was at the Edgemoor property, in the middle of the day, to take pics of the barn to update the SHS barn logo. I was constantly looking up and around the area, including the sky's background, so I can get it just right, and not at anytime did I see anything in the sky, or heard a sound of an aircraft. I did however noticed a "speck" on my LCD screen after I took the shot to check for clarity, and only realized it wasn't a speck when I downloaded it on my computer.
There is no way this was a commercial aircraft I would have heard it, especially as low as it seemed to be. As you know, we already have paranormal activities occurring at the barn on a regular basis, now this.
See the original Youtube post

What do you think it is? Have you seen any strange things in Santee's skies? Share in the comments.

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Hank Flynn May 22, 2013 at 11:15 AM
It's highly unlikely this photograph is actually from alien sources. Since they travel at the speed of light, and their mass becomes infinite and real alien space craft sightings are truly rare. Only military/NASA grade detection methods can actually detect alien craft. While the government has known they've existed and visited earth it's only been within the last 15 years that the government has been able to communicate with them. There is an intergovernmental panel focused on an extraterrestrial peace treaty where they are actually using them for fighting terrorism. What we see here is probably most likely a drone involved in an interstellar joint intelligence gathering.
RainWaterSystems May 22, 2013 at 09:47 PM
I smell a conspiracy. In none of the photos can you see to the left of the ' ufo '. Could it be the Geico lizard being unveiled in a banner tugged via small plane launched from nearby? Did you wait and plan to get that shot after seeing Progressives annoying Flo being pulled by a Cessna, and actually draw a salary? How do I get this job?
Ron Nussbeck May 24, 2013 at 11:21 AM
Government suppression of UFO, Alien visitation explained by intellectuals say protecting the technology from crashed disks or physical evidence studied by scientists give the Military a tactical advantage they will not give up. UFO's remain the highest secret of our government, nothing is more guarded or protected. It is widely known that Aliens who are just 3000 years more advanced than Humans would have detected us with telescopes decades ago and made detailed plans to visit Earth with an Agenda. The Agenda would include samples and testing much like Human agenda's on Mars or the Moon, they would have planned to infiltrate our society at every level. A Cat and Mouse game, the Aliens most certainly (100%) monitor our electronic activities all the way down to the biological level and beyond, clearly this would be part of any directive prior to visiting Earth by way of Directive or Order from their Officials. It has been and remains that No UFO's be investigated by any authority of the Government, any who would try would be immediately attacked, debunked, removed or worse if they persisted in any attempt to reveal evidence. All physical evidence that has been collected, (Ufo Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence: ...) shows that even if you have verifiable evidence it will not reach the light of day. UFO Fleet Over White House 1952 - YouTube filmed by ABC, NBC and CBS over 6 days shows how Aliens made first contact with our government. How fighter jets for days tried to intercept the UFO's but failed, and how this lead to a meeting between the President and the Aliens. The question that intellectuals are asking and answering is would Aliens travel 30,000 light years to Earth and not have an Agenda or infiltrate our society? The TV and Radio broadcasts made on Earth have given Aliens all the insight to interact without fear of being caught, they know more about us than we know about ourselves?
Jeff Phinney May 24, 2013 at 11:13 PM
Proof that we are not alone,.... that we share this World with birds.
Diana Ballein May 26, 2013 at 05:42 PM
El Henry, you are correct. I think it's cool! People are so cynical. It's very plausible that we are not alone out there and if that barn is paranormal, I want to investigate it! Yes!!! :)


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