Farmers Market Fresh: Making Gourmet Market Meals

Lemon Ginger Jelly glazed Tilapia and stuffed breakfast taco are some of my favorite meals to cook made from mostly Santee Farmers Market food.

My favorite hearty breakfast is a stuffed with a farm fresh egg scramble (Brown or white eggs from " at the market).  My scramble has spinach from the market, pepper-jack cheese and I top it with the from , also at the market. 

The tortilla comes from the at the market. They out there every week serving chicken or veggie quesadillas as well as her fresh tortillas available in regular, jalapeño and mixed tortillas for you to take home. You get ten fat tortillas in a bag for $6, and they stay fresh for a while in the fridge. I like to fry them in a little oil and eat them plain as a snack, they are almost like pastry.

McFadden also makes an unbelievable Los Alisos Lemon Ginger Jelly which I used to glaze Tilapia, served with beautiful red I also picked up at the market. 

Eat well and be happy!

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Steven Bartholow April 25, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Get there before the rain does! Also, share in the comments your own meals that you've made from the market.
Marilyn McFadden June 28, 2012 at 03:32 PM
We sure enjoyed reading about your tilapia. Any chance you could post a recipe and pics on our Facebook page? I'm sure others would be inspired, too. Thanks! Marilyn McFadden


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