'Love, Me' Reminds Couples Why They Fell in Love, New Show at OBL [PHOTOS]

Bob and Steve are at their best in Off Broadway Live's latest story of love and friendship, chock-full of music, of course, and just in time for Valentine's Day.

"Love, Me" is about the sometimes hilarious and sometimes tragic lessons that life brings, and will touch you deeply. You will laugh, you may cry (everyone I was with did), but you will be entertained by this story.

This show runs thru March 2, and is the first production in the second season at Santee's only professional theater.

"We are having a lot of fun bringing real, live theater to Santee and all of East County, and can't say it enough: Thank You for your support!" said Steve Rolf, one half of the musical duo.

The last time these guys did this show at the Coronado Playhouse there were sold out crowds. See photos from the show in the gallery.

The theater recently added "Premium Elevated Box Seating" for those who want an extra touch when they come to a show. These seats are a few dollars more, but, come included with concessions (gourmet brownies or cookies, coffee or soda) and offer an extra bit of class to the night.

Enter the promo code "patch" when you buy your tickets for a special deal in January!

Steve talks about "Love, Me" and why the show connects with so many people is this QA:

Q. Why do you think the story touches a soft spot in the crowd?

A. I have friends, who after 20+ years of marriage became "empty nesters" but were so lost as a couple, they ended their marriage. It broke my heart to watch, but, they were too far gone to save. This made me think about what happens to every couple, how they handle being, and, staying a couple, the story wrote itself. 

This story hits so close to home for so many married couples, how easily we can grow apart from our great beginnings, and the romantic hope of someday returning to those younger days when, to quote the Beatles, "Love is all you need".

Q. Why is this a good night out for a Valentine's date?

A. Whether you have been where these two friends have been in their respective marriages, found a way to avoid it, or, had to live through the loss of a marriage, this story is a perfect reminder of why you fell in love, or, hope to fall in love again. What could be a better way to spend Valentine's date? Or, maybe you do not have that someone special, but, could use a shot of romance for the hope of the future? Come to the Saturday night show, the day after Valentine's with a friend and enjoy a great dessert show.

Q. You two refer to the "pretty red head" and "brown-eyed girl" in many of your productions, is this an example of life influencing art?

A. Bob & I are so lucky to have the girls in our lives, Cindi (His beautiful brown eyed girl for 3+ years) & Jen (My pretty little red headed girl 22+ years). How could we NOT spend much of our writing devoted to these remarkable women?

Q. How would you describe the music in this production? What are some of your favorite songs in this one?

A. We always sing the songs that everyone knows to puncutate the storyline, it makes for an instant connection to the story. Our favorite song is always the next one!


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