GUHSD Board Incumbent Gary Woods Needs to Be Replaced

GUHSD incumbent Trustee, Dr. Woods recently publicized, “I have been misunderstood about Prop U funds, and the Alpine High School.

GUHSD incumbent Trustee, Dr. Woods recently said (to a forum sponsor - online East County Magazine) He said, “I have been misunderstood about Prop U funds, and the Alpine High School  [he left out Blossom Valley]. Statements like this by Dr. Woods typifies the dishonest culture of this School Board’s majority; it is because of many misstatements like this, that I’ve been prompted to run for the GUHSD Board… Let me explain with examples:

His first misstatement) Dr. Woods was quoted, “Voters approved Prop H in 2004, and Prop U in 2008, totaling  $1 billion in funds.” He then said, “The problem is $1.5 billion is needed for upgrades.”

The truth is - Prop H, and then again Prop U, each one, listed a new 12th high school to be included, and funded, built and paid for by each individual bond, not both.

So with both, totaling about $1 billion, don’t you think there is $75 Million to meet the 12th high school obligation, to construct a 12th, as stated in both bond’s project descriptions?

His second misstatement) Dr. Woods said, “And Prop U says we can’t build a school unless we have 23,245 students. And we can’t right now. We’re losing students.

The truth is - Last year at a public board meeting; the GUHSD Superintendent announced that the 23,245 students trigger had been met.

Further, at a Board Budget Workshop held at Cuyamaca College, I was introduced to Eric Hall, the Lease-Leaseback general contractor who was announced as hired to build the 12th HS.

His third misstatement) He said, ”The worst thing is we would have to lay off hundreds of teachers in the district to build the new school.”

The truth is - “0” teachers would be laid off because of the 12th HS, quite contrary, A student recovery report authored by GUHSD Demographer Mr. Vince O’Hara, predicted they’d have to add teachers to handle incoming new students, and the returning many lost students to attend a new school.

His fourth misstatement) After the district acquired property for the 12th high school, Woods shifted, and voted to oppose moving forward to built it.  He explains,

“We have to wait until we have enough students, and enough funds to build the operating new school. We would have to stop modernizing campuses now for funds to go to the new school.”

The truth is - Prop H was the “Overcrowding and Safety Measure”, designated to build a 12th high school. 1,000 impacted students still attend the same two overcrowded high schools jammed beyond capacity. Nothing has changed from when they agreed to build HS12; nothing, and they went ahead and bought land, and by the eminent domain, evicted families.

His Fifth Misstatement) Dr. Woods said it all boils down to the bond language.  “It was only last year, during the debate over Ronald Reagan High, when declining student enrollment became an apparent, we found out we had a short fall of $58 million from Sacramento,” he said.

The truth is – the GUHSD has, as Dr. Woods stated, $1 billion in bond funds total from Props H & U, less than 1/10 of that amount (about $75 million) was meant for, and intended to build a new 12th high school. Do the arithmetic. They were provided the asked for 12th HS construction funding. Is this right, not building this campus? It was funded twice, and by two bonds.

Let me summarize why I am running for this GUHSD Board Trustee seat, it is because of these continual non-factual misstatements of truth by Dr. Woods.

(Summarizing) Dr. Woods has said,

1st) they (the GUHSD) don’t have the money… but they do have $1 Billion bond dollars.

2nd) the required bond enrollment # of 23,245 students hadn’t been met… but his Superintendent announced that it was met, last year during a board meeting. They voted, sent all site and building plans to the Dept of State Architects’ (DSA). It is all pre-paid, now ready to go. 

3rd) that teachers would have to be laid off… Vince O’Hara, the GUHSD Demographer reported quite the opposite; more new and returning students prevent teacher layoffs.

4th) that there is not enough students to operate it [HS12]… Granite Hills HS is still impacted with overcrowding at Steele Canyon also, over 1,000 students originate in Alpine, and more would come to a 12th HS per a public report by Demographer Vince O’Hara.

 I’ve heard and read all of these misstatements (and more) by Dr. Gary Woods.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob has addressed the GUHSD Bd., she said “to delay the new campus would break faith with the community of Alpine and with me,” she also said, “No less than the public trust is at stake here. She added that building sooner, rather than later made fiscal sense due to the lowered costs of construction in the recession.”      (Ad Lib Here, as needed)

Incumbent Gary Woods needs to be replaced as a GUHSD Gov. Trustee for his numerous misstatements!

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Bill A. Weaver November 04, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Saturday, December 6, 2008 Rebuilding the high schools | The San Diego Union-Tribune: After 2010 – Reconstruction continues with money authorized by Proposition U, approved by voters last month. January 2009 – Staff likely to present a broad game plan for implementing Prop. U and ask for board approval. January 2009 – Draft of the environmental impact report for an Alpine/Blossom Valley area high school to be released with request for public review and comments. February 2009 – Tentative. Staff may ask board to approve sale of first tranche (slice) of Proposition U bonds. This area of the credit market has not seized up and is still viable due to the nature of this type of debt and the district's high credit rating. June 2009 – Possible board vote on approving environmental reports for Alpine/Blossom Valley school. Summer 2009 – Initiate process to purchase new school site and start initial design. Late 2009 – Completed designs on latest phase of major renovations of existing high schools, authorized by Prop. U, to be submitted to state for approval. Fall 2013 – Realistic opening date for Alpine/Blossom Valley area high school based on meeting district enrollment targets. Source: Scott Patterson, district deputy superintendent of business services Prop U - $417 Million - passed by 57% of voters in November, 2008... Prop H - $274 Million - passed by 62% of voters in March, 2004. All Enrollment Targets Met
Bill A. Weaver November 04, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Gary Woods; you were vocal in 2008... where are you in 2012? What is your response? None? Guilty as accused?
Alpine Blossom Valley High November 06, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Today is it... the last day... VOTE your wishes, remember, collegiality is in order for those that must be part of a governance TEAM... But I would like to address Mr. Jim Kelly who recently published, Re:, "about building a new Alpine high school, which you [Schreiber] clearly intend to pursue, means you [Schreiber] do not trust the voters to agree with your position. Hence, even if you [Schreiber] win re-election you will have no mandate from the voters on that issue." THERE IS ALREADY A VOTER APPROVED MANDATE ALREADY, Mr. Kelly!
Alpine Blossom Valley High November 06, 2012 at 05:04 PM
PS; It is called the two GUHSD 55% Passes Prop 39 Bonds; ------- $274 Million Prop H; 62% Yes Mar '04 ------- $417 Million Prop U; 56.7% Yes Nov '08
yzw1314 November 10, 2012 at 11:50 AM
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