Daily Dose: Michael's Grill Goodbye

A final newsletter from the manager of the much loved eatery, and the day's events and need to know.

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Have you noticed a rise in the number of homeless around Santee?

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Special Meeting on Meadowbrook Rent Control

Read what happened at the meeting:

Co-owner/Manager Therese VanBrunt recently sent out the final newsletter for the Santee institution, whose last meals will be served to the public on Saturday:

I cannot express to you how it is breaking my heart... This will be my final newsletter to you as Co-Owner of . As most of you know, Joe and I grew up here. From the days of "Chic-N-Pigg" trading pitas for movie tickets so after work, we could go watch a movie.

I wish you all could have been here the night Jimmy taught me to grill! I think I was 16/17 and everyone was pulling a duck and cover... Everyone but Jimmy, who stood next to me with the fire extinguisher and a smile. We used to have such great fun.

Then the expansion, the fire that brought this restaurant family to it's knees, the Grand Re-Opening, and eventually the name change... Joe and I have always spoken of evolution within the business and we all understand what that means. Though we may be resistant to change, quite simply, it is a necessary step.

Though I know this is not goodbye, for me personally, it's leaving the home I was raised in. The memories I have here not only with our customers, but my co-workers past and current, are irreplaceable.

I am privileged to have known and worked for Michael for more than half of my life. The things Michael has taught and shown me will not be forgotten. He has helped me to draw the guidelines of my future business endeavors and for this I will be eternally grateful.  

One last time I'd like to thank you all for your continued love and support of this Chic-N-Pigg/Michael's Grill Family. So until next time...

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, their dinner special this weekend will be the Pork Osso Bucco.


- Leaque Championship- Can unranked Santana remain unbeaten and crack the top 10 by beating No. 8 Mount Miguel?  Goodluck boys!

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