Farmers Market Fresh: Gayle Loves Rumcakes

A new dessert vendor is passionate about her rum cake recipe straight from the south- and with good reason.

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The has a new vendor selling some of the most delicate and downright thought provoking rum cake I've ever come across- not that I've eaten that much rum cake to begin with, but this stuff is undeniably good.

And Gayle is so passionate, we are talking about Gayle's Rum Cakes after all. The first thing she'll do is pop a taste of her rum cake in your mouth and she starts you on a taste meditation like I've never experienced. She describes what you are tasting, as you are tasting it.

Butter, crystallized sugar, rum on the back of the throat... and oh the moisture! I've never thought so hard about the flavors I tasted in a dessert.

If you're interested in ordering a fresh rum cake, drop Gayle an email at gaylesrumcakes1@aol.com.

Watch the video for more information from Gayle herself!


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