Mulvaney's Wagon Wheel Western Decor Being Auctioned Off

Get a piece of classic Santee Western kitsch.

The Western themed Santee restaurant and saloon most recently known as Lacey J's closed down recently and the decor is being auctioned off.

The online auction hosted by CalAuctions is going on through March 7. It features Western/cowboy themed neon signs, saddles, lanterns, pool table lights, wall art, and more. Click here to see the auction site.

The restaurant has changed hands and names several times in the past 70 years, and will soon be occupied by Riverview Church. The building and land are deeply rooted in Santee’s history and local nostalgia, it was also notably known as Mulvaney's Wagon Wheel. Read more about the history

Also read: Riverview Church Coming to Old Lacey J's Site


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