St. Paddy's Fare: Jimmy's Corned Beef Reuben

Looking for a good St. Patrick's Day Lunch, I found myself at Jimmy's with many corned beef options, and green beer!

I was in the mood for some fare for lunch- go figure. I hadn't heard much about Paddy's day specials at eateries around town, but figured would have some good specials going on.

Now, I am a fan of corned beef, almost any meal that includes the deliciously cured meat is good in my book. But, the beef has to be cooked right, cut right and not too fatty. Jimmy's is spot on in all of these categories.

The specials include the traditional corned beef and cabbage and corned beef with green pasta, and of course green beer, along with normal "Irish" fare such as the corned beef Reuben sandwich and corned beef hash.

I am having corned beef and cabbage for dinner, so I figured a classic Reuben would be the way to go- and it was classic all the way.

Fresh rye bread, just sour enough sauerkraut with a hint of sweetness, melty Swiss cheese and corned beef sliced not too thin, but not too wide, and piled just high enough.

The sandwich also comes with the choice of fries or potato salad- another bit o' the Irish. I chose the salad. For $10.95, it's a good, filling meal.

I highly recommend the Reuben at Jimmy's. I was looking for a beef in Guinness stew, having heard some rumors that I could find it in town, but have yet to find it.

To see more St. Patrick's Day specials in Santee go .


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