Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Long Beach

From rowdy sports bar to quiet comfort food, here's our list with hyper-local spots and the specials. Now tell us if we've missed any. And if you're not a football fan, there is always ... Puppy Bowl!

Are you rooting for the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens, named after Edgar Allan Poe (are there any other NFL teams named after native son poets)?

Here comes Super Bowl Sunday, when those infatuated with football make it the biggest party of the year. And if you're not into hosting a party of justifiable couch potatoes, we have some suggestions for you. (If you are not interested in watching a football face-off, you might try the cute-off known as Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet).

For the weekend of Super Bowl XVLII, here's a list of some favorites around Long Beach. Please suggest more in our comments.

Legends - 5236 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore

Unless you have motion sickness, Legends’ nearly 30 ft., high-definition projection screen, boasted as the largest TV in the nation and built custom for the Belmont Shore fixture, is a top draw for big sporting events like the Super Bowl.

Legends also boasts an 18 ft. HD projection screen and 3D TV’s in the Sky Box portion of the bar.

In the past, Legends opened at 1 p.m. on Super Bowl Sundays, but this year, Legends will open at 9 a.m. to serve breakfast and invite football fans to get their seats early. The cover charge of $10 is lower than the $30 from last year, and it starts from opening on. It includes entry to a raffle for a snowboard, wakeboard and other prizes.

Panama Joe’s - 5100 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore

There are no more reservations for tables, but still a few tables for walk-up.

There are also raffled prizes at Panama Joe’s Cantina and Grill, and no cover charge for viewing, but "PJ's" is no longer taking reservations for tables, stating Saturday that there will be a few tables for walk-ins. "I'm telling people to come in by 11 a.m. or earlier if they want any chance at a table," a waitress said. Raffle prizes include Lakers and Clippers tickets, a snowboard, a Beach Cruiser, surfboards, coolers and a balloon drop with added prizes.

PJ’s will open at 9 a.m. on Sunday to serve breakfast. Again, there is no cover charge, unlike last year, when those arriving after 12 p.m. purchased a $20 open bar voucher for entry.PJ’s has dozens of high-definition televisions, as well as a 90-inch viewing screen.

Shannon's Bayshore - 5335 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore

If it's a neighborhood feeling and drink specials you're looking for, Shannon's might be the best fit for you. No cover charge, "no special promotions, but nothing expensive either," bartender Marci Hilton said Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, there will be a special recipe for $3 "49er shots" served all day, Hilton added.

Shannon's will open at 10 a.m. in anticipation of the big game and encourages football fans to arrive early and get a good seat. 

K.C. Branaghan's - 5734 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore

KCB's is the less obvious choice for Super Bowl game watchers, which makes it almost perfect for those who hate crowds but love to watch football in a bar setting. Five big screen TVs, the signature corned beef hash sandwich or corned beef and cabbage -- what's not to like?

Have we missed any prime locations in Long Beach for game viewing Sunday? Tell us in comments.

For game watching outside of Long Beach, KCBS offered its Best Bars in L.A. for Super Bowl viewing.


Russell Brandt February 03, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Cirivello's or Glory Days for those in East Long Beach. Both are large sports bars with good food.
Nancy Wride February 04, 2013 at 02:05 AM
Belated thanks, Russell. I've been to Cirivello's up off Carson. That place is huge!


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