All About Santee Patch Newsletters and Emails

Patch has numerous emails, newsletters, alerts and more that you can sign up for to keep track of what's going on in Santee.

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Click here to subscribe to the Santee Patch newsletter or submit your email address in the form above.

If you're a fan of Santee Patch and don't want to miss any important stories, you should consider signing up to receive a daily and/or weekly email newsletter and breaking news alerts. It's even better than a newspaper in your driveway.

Santee Patch will never share your email address with anyone and will only send news and information of interest to Santeeans.

Newsletter Sign Up

The newsletter sign up page allows you to submit your email address and choose which newsletter emails you will receive. You don't need a Santee Patch login in order to receive newsletters, and can unsubscribe at any time.

Types of Emails

You can choose which emails you will receive (can be changed at any time).

Daily Newsletter: Once a day you'll receive an email from Santee Patch with links to the top news of the day, events, announcements and blogs. New feature- email is sent to you when you are most likely to read it, based on previous newsletter openings.

Weekly Newsletter: Sent on Thursday, this newsletter covers the most read stories of the last week- short, sweet and to the point.

Breaking News: Sent about once a week, this email is an alert of important news happening right now.

Newsletter Settings

To access the Newsletter Settings page make sure you're signed into Santee Patch (register here), look at the top right corner of any page on Santee Patch, put the mouse over your name and choose "newsletters" from the drop-down menu.

From this page you can choose to receive all or none of these emails, or unsubscribe completely.


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