Video: Understanding San Diego County's Watersheds

Water flows right from our mountains, through the San Diego River, lakes, storm drains, canyons and right into the ocean- learn more about that trip.

"Get To Know Your Watershed" is a look at the path water takes from your hose to the ocean, the video even follows one piece of trash thrown in the street to see where it ends up.

Here are some key facts from the video:

  • San Diego County is home to 4,500 sq. miles of wetland, shoreline, vista, desert, mountain, and mesa environments.
  • There are more endangered and threatened species in the county than in any other county in the nation.
  • , an ecosystem found in the county, is one of the most endangered environments in the entire world.
  • There are eight major river systems (watersheds) in the county.
  • A watershed is an area of land where all water in it drains to the same place. Santee lies in the San Diego River watershed. Other county watersheds include Sweetwater, Otay, San Diguito, Carlsbad and more.
  • The storm drain system is entirely different from the sewage system, so trash ends up right in the ocean.
  • Trash, fertilizers, cleaners, , pet waste, even dirt and leaves don’t belong in .

If you're interested in learning more about the San Diego River watershed and helping to keep it clean, consider vounteering with the San Diego River Park Foundation or the upcoming .

Video from the countyofsandiego Youtube page.


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