Afterschool Martial Arts for kids

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Want more Confidence for your child (or yourself)?

How about getting into better shape while having fun?

Maybe you’d like to have your child (or you) to have the security to walk without fear?

I have another question for you then.

What do you get when you take the honor and respect of 15 years of teaching traditional martial arts, over 22 years of training in full-contact kickboxing, 17 years of jiu-jitsu, 9 years as a Muay Thai instructor, 11 years of teaching Krav Maga and combine it with the American values of self-reliance, pragmatism and confidence through actual achievement?


PAMAT is an acronym for Progressive American Martial Art Technologies. Mr. Johnson has formulated this program to address the most commonly asked for benefits in martial arts training: Confidence, Self Defense Skill and Fitness. While all martial arts have value, this System is set up to have Graduated Demands (easy to start), Have simple and effective self defense training (Based on Krav Maga, the official self defense system of the Israeli Military) and get students into great shape so they have to confidence to feel good about themselves and overcome challenges they may face.

Most ‘hardcore’ self defense classes and MMA schools start new students in the ‘deep end of the pool’ and it is often overwhelming to beginners or leads to injury (or fear). In PAMAT, we want students to ‘get their feet wet’ with the basics before moving on to more intense training that they are not ready for.

Most traditional martial arts schools have their students spending hours upon hours of training punching and kicking the air or learning complex choreography that has little practical value for the average person. We find that training with equipment and partners leads to usable skill much faster than the more esoteric methods of traditional martial arts (not to mention it is a better workout too!).

If you are interested in getting great results in your level of confidence, fitness or self-defense skill without boring you or beating the tar out of you(or your kids), then PAMAT is the system for you.  Once you get started, you might find you want to focus more on Self Defense (Krav Maga specialist) or MMA (Combat Sports specialist). We have classes that will zero in on your passion and make sure that you not only get the training you want (and need) but are having a blast as well.

American Fortitude Martial Arts Academy


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