Stop the Santee Power Plant March on Mission Gorge

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Meet at Mission Gorge Rd. at Kohl's- march to Magnolia Ave., back to Carlton Hills Blvd. and return to Kohl's. Bring signs/banners/noisemakers and wear orange!

Read more about the proposed Quail Brush Power Plant

Will March 31, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Where exactly do you people think electricity comes from. The more electrical system demand increases, the higher rates will go. The only solution to keeping up with demand is to build more power plants. Using natural gas, or in this case landfill gas, is the next cleanest form of bulk electricity production next to nuclear power. Get with the program people. Development like this needs to happen to keep electricity affordable and most of all reliable. I will entertain any comments or arguments...
Victor March 31, 2012 at 08:20 PM
William - I think the majority of people in Santee understand the need for power plants and so do I; however, my opposition to this power plant is to it being built less than 300 yards upwind from a school and homes. Additionally, this plant will not use any gas from the landfill; this plant will use natural gas from a new gas main that will be extended through Mast Blvd. next to homes. Again, I don’t think anyone is opposing to the construction of a power plant, just not this close to homes and school. I suggest the power plant is relocated further west, near Miramar landfill since all homes are west from the area and further than a few hundred yards. Then, the bulk of the exhaust would be directed east away from homes west of this site by the natural wind direction in the area; and it would be far enough west of Santee to allow for dissipation of the exhaust gases from the reciprocating engines (i.e. piston engines similar to those used in a car but much, much larger). Again, I think we can do this, just not so close to homes and schools.
Larry March 31, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Sandy March 31, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Again, this proposed plant is NOT using the landfill gas. True, there is a methane-burning project at Sycamore Canyon Landfill, but this isn't related to the proposed plant. This new Cogentrix powerplant, only 1/3 mile from residents of western Santee and West HIlls H.S., will connect to existing natural gas pipelines. The natural gas will be supplied by SDG&E through an underground 8" pipeline connected to SDG&E's existing 20" pipeline located at Mast. Santee citizens are downwind and already deal with air pollution and toxins from the dump and the methane-burning project there. Adding this 100-megawatt power plant with its inevitable pollution and fire risk doesn't make things better. It makes things decidedly worse.


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