Bites Nearby: Leo's Taco Shop Delivers

The new Mexican food restaurant across from Santana High delivers to your doorstep.

You could stand on a corner and look around until a restaurant sign draws you in. But we've got a better idea. Santee Patch picks a restaurant, either in town or nearby, that is worth checking out:

Leo's Taco Shop (click to leave a review at their directory page)

Overview: Leo's Taco Shop just opened at Santana Village this winter and I gave it a couple months to come together before reviewing it. It is a family-owned shop that exists in the same shopping center as a drive-thru Del Taco and within a mile of at least two other Mexican food eateries.

The food is good, but the prices seem a bit higher than your usual taco shop. Leo's offers free wifi internet access and delivery to your doorstep, two features that I believe are unique to Santee taco shops. Their delivery is free within two miles of the shop and for order more than $20.

It doesn't rank in my top three Santee Mexican food restaurants, but it should do well across from Santana High.

Decor: The restaurant has an eclectic decor- you wouldn't know it was a taco shop from the look of it. There are three TVs and more seating than seems necessary. The booths are comfortable.

Food: I ordered the carne asada plate, which came with meat, beans, rice and a large tortilla for $6.79. The carne asada wasn't too fatty and had a good spice to it, overall better than your average carne asada. The refried beans were standard and the rice was done in a Spanish style that was tasty. The guacamole was real, no green sour cream here. 

The salsa bar offers the standard green, chipotle and red hot sauce, nothing fancy about them, but they get the job done. Chips and hot carrots are also available at the salsa bar. The carrots were crisp, but not hot enough for me, and they had an overwhelming taste of cloves.

I haven't tried the breakfast burritos here, but I have heard they're worth a try.

Service: My food came out very quickly and the family-owned atmosphere is comfortable.

COMMENT: Have you tried Leo's? What do you think?

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kelly soran January 20, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Tried it yesterday. I had an Adobada burrito and my wife had a Carne Asada burrito. Both were very good. Definitely will go back.


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