Downward Trend In Fuel Costs Follows Launch of Facebook Page for Young

Social media platform for complaints, and mocking images, has more than 400,000 followers.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in San Diego County fell a tenth of a cent Sunday to $4.364—one day after recording its largest daily decline since Dec. 21, eight-tenths of a cent.

Maybe it was happenstance, but the downward trend coincides with the launching of a Facebook page catering to the young called Gas Prices Are Too Damn High.

The Facebook page is devoted to complaining about fuel costs—and shares photos and cartoons mocking all sides of the subject:

According to a PR Newswire release:

Generation Opportunity today announced a new social media platform, the Facebook page Gas Prices Are Too Damn High, with over 400,000 fans. The page provides a forum for young Americans hit hard by the rising cost of gasoline coupled with the financial stress caused by the poor economy and lack of economic opportunity.

“Gas prices are a one-two punch to young people in this poor economy,” said Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity. “Rapidly rising gas prices are hitting young people across the country particularly hard, exponentially increasing the cost of most activities they engage in and adding to their costs in finding a job or getting to work.”

Meanwhile in San Diego County, the average price is 1.7 cents less than one week ago, but 33 cents more than a month ago and 38.8 cents higher than a year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

The average price has fallen four consecutive day— two-tenths of a cent Thursday and seven-tenths of a cent Friday—in addition to the drops Saturday and today.


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