Grossmont School Board Will Never Care Unless You Can Kick Them Out

Gregory Kerrebrock: “These changes will only lead to further fracturing of the school district with parents and teachers advocating for Granite Hills and Grossmont to become charter schools.”

To the editor:

What a harsh lesson.
Dr. [Gary] Woods and Jim Kelly do all that posturing at the [Grossmont Union High School District] board meeting Feb. 9 and schedule the emergency meeting that we had last Thursday.

All I can say is: Why? If there never was any intention of responding to our concerns, then why bother having another meeting? I am still unclear as to what the purpose of the boundary change was for.

On one side, the district is claiming that attendance is out of balance and must be adjusted. However, based on Thursday’s meeting it appears that if you live in a transition zone you don’t have to transfer!?

This makes no sense. If the changes were about enrollment numbers, then the way the board and district have gone about this will only undermine the goals of increasing attendance as the transition areas will opt to charter [schools]. I think that these things were pointed out clearly and eloquently by all of you who took the opportunity to speak your mind.
At this point, I am out of ideas. The board, to be very honest, is beyond helping (they are entangled in a political tug of war with too many personal and petty issues). These changes will only lead to further fracturing of the school district with parents and teachers advocating for Granite Hills and Grossmont to become charter schools.

These ideas were all voiced to the board and perhaps they don’t believe that these things can come to pass. I don’t know, but I still don’t think their conduct will alleviate any of these proposed trends. Some people in the community would like to replace the nonperforming board members which in the long run could only improve the district’s relationship with the public.

I am happy to provide assistance as well as any and all information that I have gathered to any individuals who are interested in continuing this process. Politics is not my bag, baby!
I think for many of us, this was a crappy deal. The board knows it. The board acknowledges that the process was screwed up. The board does not care. They never will care unless you can kick them out. I am not sure I even want to bother. I almost would rather have them sit there and watch the district disintegrate due to their thoughtless actions.

Gregory Kerrebrock
La Mesa

rudy reyes February 23, 2012 at 04:28 PM
thats true for all elected seats vote out all encumbants!!!
Bill A. Weaver October 17, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Me, Bill Weaver, together we can right this dysfunctional overly political, power and ego driven board, see www.billweaverGUHSDTrustee.com , there are alternatives.
Bill Weaver November 07, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Congratulations to our re-elected GUHSD top vote getting incumbent Priscilla Schreiber, and our very welcome new Board Trustee Jim Stieringer!
Bill A. Weaver November 07, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Kick 'em out... Starting with Gary Woods! I qoute the Patch, "Stieringer, also responding to a Patch query, noted that he had expressed strong support for the construction of a high school in Alpine. And he said he respected differences among the current board members, “all of whom have my highest respect. I applaud their positive action in having procured the site for the proposed school.” But he said he found it distressing that district Superintendent Ralf Swenson has “arbitrarily withdrawn the building plans submitted to the State Architect [Office]. If that allegation turns out to be true, I am certain that all five board members will demand to know why that was done.” If elected, he said, “I would make engendering collegiality my first priority. As part of that effort I would make every effort to convince my new colleagues that we should promptly move toward construction of the voter-approved school. Weaver told Patch that even though “my opinions are cause to be suspect” because he is a school board candidate, “I respond because history makes the case strong that this GUHSD board majority is disingenuous to their mission of governing to the needs of the high school district, as best served.” He said he was tired of false hope and asserted that the current board has “lied, twisted truth and created delays that should have succeeded long ago to accomplish their goal—kill the HS12 project.” THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN, AGAIN!
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