Making of a Patch Business Video: Michael's Grill

Patch offers to create custom videos for local business listings, and we caught some behind the scenes shots of a recent filming.

About a month ago, in between the and a , the Santee Patch Sales Manager, , gave me a call and wanted to know if I could do dinner and see a Patch business listing video being filmed at .

The shoot was set up right in the middle of the bustling restaurant, and as I sat by munching on one of my standards, fish and chips, I saw everyone from customers to kitchen staff to the head honchos step in front of the camera with passion about how much they love the restaurant.

It was nice, for once, to not be the one behind the camera filming everything, but I couldn't seem to escape the view finder for long, and wound up taking photos of the shoot, which you can check out in the gallery. You can also see the finished video, which I think really captured the feel of the place.

If you're interested in finding out more about Patch business videos or other advertising, click here, and check out these videos that are already on the site.


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