Poll: Did GOP Convention Speakers Move You Closer to Romney Vote?

Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie energized delegates in Tampa. How about you?

Mitt Romney’s wife and others, including the New Jersey and South Carolina governors, addressed the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night. (Read Gov. Chris Christie’s speech and Ann Romney’s speech.) While the prospective first lady focused on love, the New Jersey governor stressed respect.

What did you take away from the talks, and did they infuence your vote?

LukeJohn September 12, 2012 at 06:09 AM
@Mary, I wasn't talking about SS protection. I was talking about how much each will cost as First Ladies - Michelle Antoinette cost US tens if not hundreds of thousands when she flew SEPARATELY ahead of the President to their vacation in Martha's vineyard - she gained all of FOUR HOURS extra time that way. Ditto when she couldn't wait for him to finish his work in DC but flew SEPARATELY to Hawaii, costing US additional tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars - she gained just a few extra days but then it's not HER money. Then she took a gaggle of friends to live it up in Spain - I believe that cost a million or two. Ditto her trip to Africa (I was there at the time and it was quite a circus) - a token meeting and the rest was pure, expensive vacation. Apparently they listed the two Obama girls as Administrative Assistants so that they could go on OUR dime. A date nite in NYC for the two of them cost US a hundred thou' or so... She lectures the world on eating salad ten chows down on lobster and Kobe Beef at every opportunity.
LukeJohn September 12, 2012 at 06:15 AM
@Mary, I didn't say that EVERYBODY was against the ACA - Ther are always a few who choose to be too blind to see the full, disasterous implications of such legislation. We still live in a Representational Democracy and the MAJORITY of us clearly indicated that we did not want it. That's why princess Pelosi and Harry Reid had to be so conniving and devious to get it passed in the face of such widespread opposition. Actually MY insurance company was worse - they wanted to up my rates by over 60% We shopped around and found another carrier for "Just" 29% more, that company just added 10% to that rate.
Mary September 12, 2012 at 04:08 PM
LukeJohn - Elite schools like Columbia and semi-elite schools like Occidental rely heavily on high school records and recommendations. Obama went to Punahou School, a high-level prep school, from fifth through twelfth grade on a scholarship. Punahou is in Honolulu. That makes him by definition not a foreign student. He hadn't lived in Indonesia since he was 10 and in fourth grade. Colleges communicate a great deal with the high schools their applicants are coming from. They check references, talk to guidance counselors and teachers, even get copies of significant papers written by the student. A college like Occidental would have had a close and long-term relationship with a prep school as prestigious as Punahoe.
LukeJohn September 12, 2012 at 04:46 PM
@Mary: In his OWN book, Obama recounts that he took drugs (much more than "just" smoking a bit of "weed") and frequently skipped classes in High School. So please tell me how an "elite" college would still accept him without outside factors? Secondly we don't know what he is trying to hide in his college transcripts but his life (what we do know of it) appears to be full of facilitation and manipulation to open doors for him, to put him into positions way above his competence level so who knows if he did or didn't use his time in Indonesia to claim "Foreign Exchange Student" status to help get accepted? It's like Elizabeth Warren using her 0/32nd Cherokee "blood" to get preferential treatment as a "minority" (and yes, I deliberately typed ZERO-over-thirty-two). All these preferences and quotas are ripe for abuse.
Michael Ecklund September 12, 2012 at 05:57 PM
@PWMC.Consider the following........ 1. When you include the underutilized labor figure with 8 million Americans who have lost hope altogetther and stoped looking for a job--real unenployment stands at just under 19% 2. If labor force were the same when he took office, we would be as reported Friday 11.2% 3.Arounbd 88,921.000 no longer in the labor force. 4.Average American lost 40% of their wealth from 2007-2010 5. Every 5th man out of work 6. One out of two are now low income or below poverty line. 7.Past 4 years--400,000 food stamp recipients added each month. 8. 2006-2007 ...90% of college grads landed jobs....under Obama 56% 9. Gas before $1.84 ..Now $3.77 10. Every 4th home under water. 11 Obama--Healthcare up 18.9% I did'nt make these numbers up...they are for anyone to see. The man is just taking this country down and I for one don't want to go for the ride.


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