The disgrace that is the VA healthcare system.

"Investigators said they are now looking into 42 medical facilities in connection with health care delays"

"The probe found that 1,700 veterans who are patients at the Phoenix hospital are not on any official list awaiting appointments, even though they need to see doctors. Some 1,138 veterans in Phoenix had been waiting longer than six months just to get an appointment to see their primary doctors, investigators found."

This is unacceptable, the deplorable treatment of our v...ets! There have been reports since 2005 of problems in the VA system, so this is truly a bipartisan disgrace. Both parties have failed to care for our vets, and is just one more indication that the federal government is a very inefficient, wasteful behemoth that frequently does more harm than good. The very fact that the federal government can't adequately provide medical care for our vets should convince everyone that they have no business running healthcare for everyone.



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