10News Interviews Santee Teen Burned by Fireplace

18-year-old Schannon Burr was taken to the UCSD burn center, with reported first and second degree burns.

Schannon Burr, an 18-year-old Santee resident who was recently burned while lighting a gas fireplace, was interviewed by 10News about the ordeal.

Last Thursday she was rushed from her home near Prospect Avenue to the UCSD burn center at about 8 p.m., with reported first degree burns on her arms and second degree on her face.

She is now out of the hospital and back home.

According to the 10News report, SDG&E checked the fireplace and said there was a blockage in the gas pipe that caused the accident

Burr told viewers to make sure you light the match first and then turn on the gas and SDG&E added that special matches for lighting fireplace should be used.

The Burr family is switiching to wood burning fireplace.


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