COMPOC: Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program Might Be Abandoned

Santee's Community Oriented Policing Committee talks alcohol control, abandoned/unsightly vehicles and more.

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Each month the Santee Community Oriented Policing Comittee (COMPOC) holds a from Santee's law enforcement, government, schools and other key organizations discuss local crime issues so that they can make recommendations to the .

This month's meeting featured presentations on alcohol control and abandoned/unsightly vehicles.

Responsible Hospitality Coalition

• The Responsible Hospitality Coalition (RHC) provides training for waiters and bartenders on how to properly ID and serve alcohol, training is free, not mandated in East County or Santee.

• Four Santee venues were mentioned in the last month in the RHC place of last drink survey, which is given when someone is arrested for DUI (it is self reported, and therefore not entirely accurate).

• Discussed starting a "designated driver" program in Santee.

Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program

Santee Municipal Code prohibits inoperable vehicles in public view on private property (includes vehicle parts). If the vehicle is left on the street, it is managed by Sheriffs Dept.

• Santee has participated in the state's Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program since 1992.

• 2,480 vehicles have been "abated" in Santee since 2004.

• They do not tow from private property, owners are informed that vehicles need to be removed and give them a time frame to do so.

• Property owners can store the vehicle in a building, can have a charity or another service come take it, or if they need to make a simple repair, they are given time to do it.

• Sheriff can now write tickets from $100-1000. They only write about six a year out of 200-250 cases.

• It was decided that the $1 DMV fee that pays for the program is a tax and would need voter approval to continue another ten years. No item is included in June ballot, essentially stopping the program when funds run out in 4-6 months.

• Councilmember said it's likely it will be on Nov. ballot.

• City Manager said the loss of this program will negatively impact the quality of life in Santee.

Various Notes

• Complaint of activity at 8000 block of Railroad Ave- person in motor home living there, had some guns he wasn't supposed ot have, was on probation, he was arrested, trailer being moved.

• More than 797 pounds of pharmaceuticals picked up by the Santee Station in the the largest amount in county.

• 8 unlawful camping citations given when Sheriff patrolled river bottom in last month.

• Issues with three different schools where kids (elementary) are buying marijuana at the Shadow Hills apartments- detectives are aware of it, and it's being handled.

• Steady graffiti lately at parks and underpasses, staff has been busy, tagged at Town Center park on new buildings, Woodglen Vista Park lately. Call Recreation Services to report it.

Santee designated as a playful city, working closely with school districts to provide extra places for sports leagues and after school play, and , one of 200 cities.

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Rick May 22, 2012 at 04:54 PM
I'm curious...who determined that a "fee" charged by the DMV ... is a tax?
Steven Bartholow May 22, 2012 at 05:10 PM
I think the county determined it


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