COMPOC: Human Trafficking and Prostitution in East County

Santee's Community Oriented Policing Committee looks at prostitution in Santee and the risk of recruitment of local kids.

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Each month the Santee Community Oriented Policing Committee (COMPOC) holds a  from Santee's law enforcement, government, schools and other key organizations discuss local crime issues so that they can make recomendations to the .

This month's meeting focused on human trafficking and prostitution in East County San Diego and Santee, with a presentation by Danielle Benjamin with the Sheriff's Department. 

Here are some key notes from the July 9 meeting:

• Santee doesn't have "street walkers" like you might find on El Cajon Boulevard. It is considered more of a recruiting area for new girls.

• "Human trafficking is also the 15-year-old girl living on Pebble Beach that runs away to Parkway Plaza, meets a man that says he can take care of her; soon she's being abused, her family is threatened..."

• "We know recruiting and prostitution are factors in middle and high schools in Santee, Lakeside and the Grossmont Union High School District. Though it's not a high percent, not even 1 percent of girls..." -Meredith Riffel, Santee Collaborative

• Two case studies from Santee were presented. One runaway from Santee has been seen recruiting at Parkway Middle School in La Mesa.

• There are identifiable problem teens at local High Schools. "Our own children are being recruited into the lifestyle..."

• Risk indicators: Exposure to domestic violence, school attendence/truancy, runaway, victims of abuse.

• Sheriff's Dept. has set up a fake Facebook account pretending to be a teenage girl and they said the page gets harrassed by people trying to recruit.

• There is a lack of cooperation, "99 percent of 'working girls' want nothing to do with law enforcement."

• It is extremely difficult to prosecute and prove pimping.

• There could easily be an issue with prostitution on Mission Gorge Road, especially with in the area, and inmates being let out daily. But, there isn't a problem because the Sheriff Dept. is on top loitering in the area.

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Harry Jones July 28, 2012 at 06:08 PM
I think/thank the Santee Sheriff substation personnel for not only keeping prostitution off Mission Gorge Road vicinity of Los Colinas, but the overall excellant law enforce they provide the City of Santee. We couldn't do any better if we had our own police department. I just hope our leected officilas don't think we'd be better off with one too. As we said always in the Navy, BZ to our local sheriffs.


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