Federal Ruling Opens Door for Trial in Case of Santee Man Killed by Deputies

A recent federal court ruling has now made it possible for a trial to go forward in the case of a man shot and killed by Sheriff's deputies in a Santee neighborhood in 2006, according to a report by ABC 10 News.

Shane Hayes was shot by two deputies in his home and a lawsuit was filed on behalf of his daughter. That trial date could now be set soon, after seven years a legal dispute.

Part of the ruling requires police to uphold a "duty of care," when responding to calls they should gather as much information about the situation, according to the report.

Police were called by Hayes' girlfriend, she reported that he had tried to commit suicide. Officers said they shot Hayes because they thought he had a knife in his hands and he was moving toward them. The Hayes attorney told ABC 10 that Shane was no danger to anyone but himself, and proper communication prior to responding to the call would have shown that.

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