Santee Crime: Juvenile Stickup, 17 Camping Along River Cited

This information comes from Santee Sheriff’s substation reports.

Crime stories this week:

Recent Incidents of note

Jan. 5

DUI- 10800 block Woodside Ave- 25-year-old male booked.

Jan. 8

Possession of marijuana for sale- 9800 block Mission Gorge Rd. (river bottom)- 44-year-old male booked.

Robbery- 1600 block Cuyamaca St- One victim and two suspects booked, all juveniles, one was armed with a knife- $90 cash stolen.

Unlawful camping- 3 males, one female, ages 30-44.

Jan. 9

Grand theft of metal- 8800 block Magnolia Ave- Victim: CA RV Rentals- metal valued at $2,000.

Rape of drugged victim- no location or other info released.

Possession of marijuana for sale- Prospect Ave @ Fanita dr- 21-year-old male booked.

Jan. 10

Assault with a deadly weapon- 8500 block Magnolia Ave- 43-year-old male booked, 26 and 45-year-old male victims.

Stolen license plate- 8700 block Graves Ave

Stolen license plate- 8600 block Graves Ave

Stolen car- 9800 block Magnolia Ave- vehicle recovered.

Jan. 11

Shoplifting- Home Depot- 36-year-old female booked- $800 in goods.

Jan. 12

Unlawful camping- 9400 block Cuyamaca St- 68 and 26-year-old males cited.

Stolen car- 9300 block Creekside Ct.

Robbery at Walmart- 49-year-old male armed with a knife was booked.

Jan. 13

Petty theft- 10100 block Peaceful Ct.- valued at $500.

Vandalism- 9800 block Shirley Gardens Dr.

Residential burglary- 10700 block Woodside Ave- $900 cash.

Possession of shopping cart, unlawful camping- 9700 block Mission Gorge Rd- 62-year-old female cited.

Jan. 14

Grand theft- Riverview Pkwy @ Magnolia Ave- backpack and computer valued at $1,500.

Jan. 15

Unlawful camping- 9800 block Mission Gorge Rd- 6 males, 4 females cited, ages 21-68.

Explosion of destructive device- 9800 block Grandy Ave @ 9:10 p.m. Read more about this incident.

Steve Mrtl January 18, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Wow. I said suspend prosecution if there are not any other charges, such as drug dealing. if they are just homeless, and not doing anything else illegal, just move them along, and maybe direct them to a shelter. I never said to ignore drug dealing or look the other way at criminal activity. If they are found with evidence of other crimes being committed than arrest them. This is a tough economy , and lot's of people are going through tough times and find themselves on the streets through no fault of their own. Not everyone out there who is homeless is a bad person, and it's unfortunate that some people want to lay the bad deeds of some onto all of them. I would rather have Christian compassion than cold heartedness.
chase whittaker January 18, 2014 at 11:28 AM
I completely agree with Patriot. First let's start with chbunch's response. 1. Christian Compassion v. knocking on cops for doing their job. Firstly, I'm athiest and agree with Patriot on the basis that arresting and charging people for "unlawful camping" is essentially arresting and charging people for being homeless. It would be cruel and heartless to say "if you can't afford a home or hotel, you deserve to be convicted of a crime." Second, no one is knocking on cops. They ARE doing their job. We just think that the CITY should change some things so that a cop's job description doesn't include harassing people that have lost everything. Third, just because you saw an instance of a homeless person dealing does not mean that all homeless people deal and break the law. Regular, average joes smoke pot and deal, does that mean that all average people (yourself included) smoke and deal? No. Also, if you read the article on the camping, it's along the San Diego Riverbed. Unless you're living at the bottom of a smelly, contaminated river, then this hardly classifies as 'your neighborhood.' Now for Mr. Mahamood. Sir, while you're correct that many of these people may have been convicted of prior offenses, that in no way relates to ALL homeless persons (see previous statement). As for saying that these people "look in cars in parking lots for something to steal" that they are "criminals of opportunity" and that these "urchins" shouldn't be living near family homes and shopping is, fundamentally, no different than racism. While you aren't decrying a particular minority on the basis of skin color, you ARE decrying a minority on the basis of financial income. What would you suggest we do? Send them on a barge head for the middle of the Pacific and let them starve to death? These people were caught at their lowest points only to have banks push them even lower and your response is to call them urchins and criminals? That's remarkably ignorant of you and may have just won the "Are you freaking kidding me?!" award. It's pathetic ingrates like you that are a detriment to this society, not the poor people that can barely afford a loaf of bread.
chbunch January 18, 2014 at 12:37 PM
My comment was specifically addressing "cops hassling." I would say that is knocking cops. As for the riverbed, I run through there under the 52 freeway on the pedestrian walkway where I have witnessed drug dealing. That is a few hundred feet from a neighborhood. Close enough for me. The Christian compassion comment was directed at patriot88socal's bio and in relation to his comment about "cops hassling," not towards the homeless.
julieyourrealtor January 21, 2014 at 02:01 PM
I am the guardian of my niece and nephew. Their no good momma is living down in a camp off cuyamaca. I am pretty sure most of them are on drugs down in the hole. Lakeside ran them out. I know that much as I have had contact with her. She is a USER of crystal meth, and has admitted it to me. It really stinks that you would prefer living homeless than cleaning up your act to take care of your own children!
chase whittaker January 22, 2014 at 02:35 PM
perhaps if we offered more outreach programs and incentives to these people it wouldn't be anywhere near the problem that it is...


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