Slain Teen's Body Showed Methamphetamine, Morphine, Marijuana; Barona Case Goes Back to Court

The autopsy report shows 17-year-old Christopher Carioscia's body was laced with illegal drugs. A 19-year-old Lakeside man is accused in the slaying of the El Capitan High School student on Barona Indian Reservation last fall.

An autopsy showed slain teen Christopher Carioscia's body contained methamphetamine, morphine and marijuana when authorities discovered his remains on the Barona Indian Reservation. Carioscia, 17, was found shot to death on the reservation on Dec. 4.

A readiness conference for the man accused of slaying the El Capitan High School student will be held today at the El Cajon courthouse.

Carioscia’s body was found near Barona Speedway. The teen had been shot from behind several times, in the back, shoulder and thigh, according to the autopsy report.

Stanley Virgil Lloyd Jr. was arrested March 4 at his Lakeside home on the reservation. The 19-year-old has pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder. If convicted, he faces a possible prison term of 50 years to life, according to the complaint in the case file.

A readiness conference, sometimes called a settlement conference, is a discussion among the judge, prosecution and defense regarding the facts of the case. Sometimes it ends in a case being settled by a plea bargain.

Carioscia called his mother on the night of Oct. 26 to tell her that he was going to Barona Casino to visit friends, according to the autopsy report. He never returned home to Santee that night, and authorities said his burned-out car was found the next day on the tribal grounds. His body was discovered more than five weeks later, on Dec. 4.

Toxicological tests on Carioscia’s body revealed methamphetamine, marijuana and morphine. The autopsy report notes that morphine is both a metabolite of heroin and a medication.

Three Barona Casino matchbooks and a lighter were found in Carioscia’s pockets, the autopsy report notes.

When Lloyd appeared at his March 8 arraignment via closed circuit television, reporters were asked to blur the image of his face. He cried uncontrollably when he heard that his family was present in the courtroom. Carioscia’s family and some El Capitan students also attended.

The case file indicates that the prosecutor will seek the revocation of probation at the preliminary hearing. According to a report by The San Diego Union-Tribune, Lloyd pleaded guilty in January to a misdemeanor for shooting a woman in the legs with a shotgun a year earlier.

The preliminary hearing for the homicide trial is scheduled for May 31. Lloyd was denied bail and is being held in custody pending his trial.

One of Carioscia’s relatives, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters outside the courtroom that the teenager was “a very caring person” who “got in with the wrong crowd.” She said she wanted people to know that just because he had made bad decisions in the last year “and there may be drugs involved … it doesn’t mean that at the age of 17 that he didn’t have his entire life to turn it around.” She noted that there are facilities to help teenagers make better choices.

Carioscia's body was found near Skunk Creek, according to the autopsy report. The medical examiner arrived at the scene via Wildcat Canyon Road near the mile 10 marker, then had to hike in. The report notes that there were no other signs of human activity at the scene, such as bottles or drug paraphernalia.

Barona and Lakeside fire departments responded to the burning vehicle, a 1996 Honda Accord, registered to Carioscia's mother, Monika Pyskata, the report states. It was found on Dump Road in the Lakeside area.

Shorebird April 05, 2011 at 07:59 AM
Until one has been down the path with a child or loved one using drugs,they have no comprehension of how deep subterfuge can go. I have seen many wonderful, caring parents who were involved with their children's lives wake up to find money missing, lies being told and a child strung out on meth, or worse. Sometimes it is a parental irresponsibility sometimes not.
LIZ CARIOSCIA April 16, 2011 at 12:52 AM
I am Chris Carioscia's Aunt and it annoys me beyond belief that any human being would even consider to blame anyone's family for their loved one being murdered. What one does for a a living or at their leisure should not be a factor in a child or anyone else being brutally murdered. Why should we have to defend ourselves while in mourning is despicable and you all should find something else to do with your free time. Maybe judge the Barona Casino for letting a minor into their establishment and the ones that killed mmy nephew instead of anything else.
Friend April 16, 2011 at 03:39 AM
chris was an amazing kid and no one no matter what circumstance at the age of 17 deserves to die. respect all his family and friends and what they say because no matter what, he will never be back into our arms.
ConcernedFriend May 07, 2011 at 03:59 PM
This still makes me unbelievably sick to my stomach. I partied with Stan about a week before he shot Nicole and then I realized I didn't need to be around those kind of careless people. I agree he should have been kept in jail way longer. The Carioscia family will never be fully justified for this murder. It just makes you really look at every single person you come into contact with now, because you may be looking into the eyes of a ruthless murderer! Rest in peace chris!
momof2 February 22, 2012 at 12:01 AM
well what about the family of the accused do you delete the comments we find hurtful you all keep saying blame Lloyd but what about the others involved what about Dustin monteil what about the fact that Chris's parents had him selling drugs i am not saying is death should go unanswered but until the judge finds scooter guilty may be you should think of his family he had parents and grandparents 2 sisters and a niece who love and miss him to all will come out in the end but the what sickens me is the fact that you blame it on the reservation what about the murders that happen on the reservation like Lelia carisosa and nessiah lets talk about unfair these crimes never got any news attention never once did cops come investagate .


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