Dear Randy: What's Going On Under the Overpass

Rumors have been making the rounds about what's going on under the 52/67 overpass near Prospect- Mayor Voepel lays it out.

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Q. Dear Randy, What the heck is going on at the & 67 site near Prospect Avenue?

A. This is an easy one folks. As part of the highway 52 expansion, Cal Trans is responsible for all landscaping along the freeway.

The land under the overpass has been finely graded and many trees and shrubs will be going in. Grass is very expensive to plant (averages $22,000 per acre a year for water and maintenance) but they will probably and drought resistant ones as well.

All in all, the Cal Trans folks seem to be doing a quality job, it won't be park like, but it will be pleasing to the eye. Cal Trans is a law unto itself, but in this case things look like they are working out to the taxpayers advantage. This project was funded by the TransNet half cent sales tax that was passed by the voters some years back.

Also before I sign off... I would like to give honorable mention to past Mayor and current Council Member . Jack spent over 20 years working with Cal Trans and SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) to keep the Highway 52 extension alive, many times against daunting odds. Jack never gave up, beat the odds for Santee and . Onnce again, Jack E. Dale, well done, good public servant... Salute!

Respectfully submitted,

Mayor, City of Santee

Ryan M November 30, 2011 at 03:10 PM
Randy, what about the rest of the 52? I commute through the Golden Triangle along the 805 and they are already laying irrigation and that expansion isn't even complete. Seems like Caltrans is really dragging their feet on landscaping the 52 expansion.


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