Email Exchange With Mayor Gives Insight Into Council Interest in Chickens

An email exchange between Mayor Randy Voepel and an urban chicken supporter gives insight into what the staff and council are looking into and how the issue might be handled.

Editor's note: Unconfirmed information has come to light suggesting that the will be by the in October or November.

Email to the Mayor (exchange took place Aug. 25)

Mayor Voepel,

My name is XXX and I have been a resident of Santee for over twenty years. I am emailing you to express my concern over an issue which has been recently brought to the attention of the city council. The issue is the .

I wish to voice my support for a on the grounds that there is no significant scientific evidence that "urban chickens" produce a level of noise or waste to support their being ban while dogs and other animals can be legally owned. I believe that the arguments made before the city council against a repeal are based solely on an emotional response from a small group of Santee residents.

The notion that urban ownership of chickens reduces property values is also based solely on ignorance. If evidence is needed, the mean property values for cities of a similar size and demographic to Santee where chickens are and are not kept could elucidate the situation.

I believe that this issue can be settled very easily with a simple examination of the facts and I hope that you will do what you can to sift through the emotional response of a vocal minority. Thank you.

Sincerely, XXX

Mayors Reply


I have a 15 year record of service as Mayor and City Councilmember, with an additional moniker of being a proud "super nerd' (I analyze things into the ground!). You may rest assured that Staff will present every aspect of the Chicken component as it fits into the overall . Staff is always fair and as accurate as possible.

When Staff makes it's report to the Council, the Council will pick it apart and reassemble it after public testimony pro and con is considered as well. We have a diverse mix of Council members that care fiercely about every molecule of this City. Sometimes our Council debates resemble verbal rugby matches.

We have two main duties to perform in this matter, maintain the health and safety of our residents. in Santee (the Chicken component as well) but must caution you that I will insist on as Staff may recommend.

No matter what rules we set up, there is ALWAYS some body that screws it all up for them and their neighbors. I am always concerned about the "unintended consequences" of any action we take.


Randy Voepel

Mayor, City of Santee 


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