Fanita Parkway: It's Going to Be a Street Someday

Agreements between all parties seem to have been reached to finally fix the potholed mess that is Fanita Parkway.

It’s going to be a street someday...

Of course, I’m talking about what some people refer to as North .

It’s also been referred to as a farm for growing Volkswagen-sized potholes, a goat path and a huge mistake.

Be that as it may, it’s there, and it’s finally going to start .

You might remember back in January, when the Santee approved to of turning what is actually a temporary road dating back to the 80s into a functional city street.

It turns out the roadway, if you can call it that, actually belongs to , which is the latest owner of the property that was supposed to become the development (and which may still become the Fanita Ranch development someday).

So a couple of questions immediately popped up- like, who’s going to pay for this, and is it legal for the City to allocate funds to fix up what is NOT a city-owned right of way?

Heres’ how that’s going to be fixed, we think.

The and HomeFed agreed between them to pick up two-thirds of the estimated $450,000 needed to make it a "real" street.

That left the deal short precisely $151,331.83.

That is, it was short that amount until about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, when the voted to chip in that amount.

has a vested interest here, because there are two gates along the road, accessing both the campground and the water treatment facilities at the north end of the Lakes.

So, we’re in business... for now.

The Padre Dam directors made it clear that this is a one-time-only neighborly contribution, and that Padre Dam will NOT be involved in ongoing contributions for repair and maintenance.

Board President spoke for all when he said, “I want that in writing in the agreement with HomeFed and the City.”

The thought here is that, once the road is up to snuff, the City will step in and take the street into the city’s system, thereby assuming long-term responsibility for it.

That was just fine with , the City’s assistant city manager, who was there at the meeting to assure the Padre Dam board of that plan.

Eventually, the hope is that is slated to become a major access route for the long-discussed development, and that the developer would eventually fund and build a four lane street there.

If that all sounds familiar, forgive me, but this has been on the stove for almost 30 years, after all.

Will Fanita Ranch, or whatever it ends up being called, ever actually happen?

Who knows?

We’ve talked before about Santee’s need for some kind of move-up housing, and we’ll talk about it again and again, won’t we, ?

For now, though, it appears we’re on the way to getting something we can actually call a street, north of Mast Boulevard, along the Lakes area.

I’m trusting the folks in charge will make sure the Volkswagens and Smart Cars are all out of the potholes before they fill them in.

Kim June 02, 2011 at 10:25 PM
Hi again Mr. Curlee. I was able to reach Carl in the development services department for the City of Santee. According to him; "asphalt repairs / resurfacing of Fanita Parkway will hopefully begin in the next 3 - 4 months." As far as re-construction of the parkway with rubberized materials, that will be completed if and when Home Fed ever builds on the Fanita Ranch land. Additionally, Carl also mentioned that; "the road improvements (rubberized materials - meandering sidewalks - better drainage - more speed limit signage & landscaping) originally planned by Barrett, would be adopted by the Home Fed planners." This apparently all ties in to the City of Santee approving the purchase, impact reports and permits that have already been submitted. Thank you for your advisement and well wishes. Kim
Motivated Santee Citizen June 03, 2011 at 08:10 AM
Hey Safe Santee, If I read the above article correctly, it looks like the City of Santee and HomeFed are each kicking in $225k and Padre dam a ONE TIME amount of $151k and some change. Padre Dam is getting a great deal at the taxpayers expense yet again.
Doug Curlee June 03, 2011 at 03:08 PM
as i understood it at the last padre dam board meeting, the estimated cost to fix tghe road is about 45o,000 dollars..each of the three.. padre dam, homefed and the city, will kick in 150,000 or so.. making thme co-equal partners in the project.. it's worth noting that the padre dam kick-in is a one-time-only deal..padre dam will NOT be imvolved in the day-top-day maintenance of the strfeet, when it becomes one..whenever that is.. doug
Motivated Santee Citizen June 03, 2011 at 10:02 PM
Mr. Curlee, Thank you for taking the time to investigate the matter. Again, I will state for the record that if Padre Dam chooses to not be involved in the ongoing maintenance of the road yet still allows it's campground patron's heavy motorhomes and it's own heavy equipment such as dump trucks tear up the newly resurfaced road, then they either need to pay to keep it maintained or stay off of it. They are making money from the campground and as such can help pay for the damage their patrons vehicles are causing to the road. Same principal applies to the heavy equipment used at the pumping station, and don't raise water rates or fixed costs associated with the water bills to cover the cost of maintaining the road. They have a main entrance for the camground and can run the heavy motorhomes through that gate and the lightweight vehicles people tow behind the motorhomes in and out of the 2nd gate up on the section of Fanita Parkway that is in question.
Ken Decker June 09, 2011 at 10:04 PM
Believe it or not, Santee Lakes Blvd, now Fanita Parkway (as if we needed another street named Fanita in Santee) is about 25 years old. It has been maintained occassionaly, by a series of patch jobs. Drive on it now and you will see the white markings where another series of patches are planned. You can also see deteriorated areas where patches should be planned, but aren't. Why the half-assed job? Run one of these machines in the worst sections of the street, i.e. between Mast and Lake Canyon, which scoops up the old asphalt so it can be recycled and reused, at least for a new roadbed. Do it as planned, and watch what happens after a few good rains.


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