Jan. 11 City Council Agenda Summary: Finalizing Chickens

How do you know what City Council will discuss this week? Check in here.

Below is a summary of what is due to occur at this week's Council meeting. Santee Patch regularly reports on Council meetings, so check back on Wednesday night for the lowdown on the meeting.

The next  begins Wed., Jan. 11, 2011:

Public Hearings

• In October, by the council to draft an ordinance that in all single family residential zones. The first reading of the ordinance will occur at this meeting, as well as a public hearing, one of the last chances for the public to speak their mind on the issue at a council meeting. An amendment to the ordinance lays out improper chicken-keeping practices. 

Continued Business

• Throughout 2011 public meetings were held to gather the public's thoughts about , and a Mast Park Master Plan was shown to the council at the . Key design updates include more parking, more picnic tables, a redesigned loop path, more children's playgrounds and a new restroom.

City staff suggest the council approve the Mast Park Master Plan.

The recent and the $10 million in tax-increment funds that it brought to the city will now be lost to the city annually, and it is unclear how exactly this loss of funds will affect future projects which haven't been contracted yet, such as the Mast Park improvements. The city will be searching for grants to cover the $6.8 million project*.

New Business

• The that effectively dissolved all redevelopment agencies in the state, including the Santee Community Development Commission (SCDC). . The successor to Santee's redevelopment agency must be functioning by Feb. 1 and the city staff recommends that the City Council vote to become that successor.

If you want to publicly comment on any topic, fill out a speaker slip at the beginning of the meeting.

For more detailed information see the full council agenda in the media box or download here.

*Story updated Jan. 11 @ 8:40 a.m. ($157,000 price tag for Mast Park improvements was changed to $6.8 million!)


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