Letter to the Editor: Support for Smoke-Free Parks

A letter supporting the idea of a ban on smoking in Santee parks and a call for a proposed ordinance.

By Diego Di Maria

I support and admire . are needed, as well from others, for the City to make the 90 percent of non-smokers' experience at Santee’s parks . 

I think we all understand for not supporting smoke-free parks, but what are the majority and other city councilmembers? 

I’d bet the majority of the public would agree with on this issue, but just don’t have the time and commitment, yet, to . 

If Mr. Spencer puts forward a proposed ordinance for smoke-free parks, I think the City would see the majority in support.

Joe Spencer February 06, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Thank You. I appreciate the support...and the kind comments. Unfortunately, people just don't get involved. I think some of it is not knowing that this is going on. I think some can be attributed to lack of time or motivation. Simply thinking others will take care of it. I see this all the time in my daughters school too. Unless there is a special event, there are generally less than 5 people in the audience at a school board meeting. I just don't get it. In regards to the smoking ban, it seems like it should be quite simple. Approximately 45% of Santee homes have children under 18..that's HALF OF YOUR TOWN MR. MAYOR.......and the national smoking rate is about 10%. It seems that all but ONE city understands the concept and have passed laws against it.
Steven Bartholow February 06, 2012 at 08:32 PM
FYI: Looks like there will be some public commentary on this topic at the School Board and City Council meetings this week.
Eric Goforth February 06, 2012 at 08:43 PM
I personally have mixed emotions on this. Liberties, regardless of nature, are still liberties. I think I would prefer to see area's of the park set aside for smoking, instead of just flat banning it from all parks. Smoking, albeit unsafe and undesirable, is not illegal and being outdoors, is not a risk to those unless they are within a few feet. Parks are for the enjoyment of all residents of Santee and as such, laws should be in place to supports all residents, not just a selection of them. In confined spaces (bars, restaurants, etc.), that is a different story all together, but in the wide open? Too extreme if you ask me. That is the government again tell it's citizens what is good and bad for you and the right to free expression and civil liberties is being tampered with. So, to that point, I see a compromise being very easily established and everyone would win. To ostracize 10% of your town for any reason just isn't right.
rudy reyes February 07, 2012 at 05:29 AM
agrees eric


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