Connect the Mast Boulevard Gap for a Safer Walk to Santana

Quinn and Jennifer Johnze: "...the Mast Extension should be put back on the City’s priority agenda and our children should have the safe thoroughfare that they deserve."

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Editor's note: There is a gap in Mast Boulevard- it currently dead-ends in Santee at Los Ranchitos Road and begins again about 1,000 feet away in Lakeside. Connecting this gap has been on the city's project list since the inception of Santee as a city, but seems to no longer be a priority.

, and even said the city had at one time put money aside for the project, waiting for state funds that won't be coming since the .

"The cost of completing the hook up of Mast Boulevard is $5.4 million dollars. Santee's portion would be $4 million dollars for 600 feet of roadway and the County would be $1.4 million for the other 400 feet of roadway," Voepel wrote.

"In this case, connecting Mast to Lakeside will continue to be delayed (probably for a very long time) as we scramble to take care of our own roads in Santee."

To the Editor:

As residents in the Pinery Grove subdivision we were told of certain changes that we could expect as a resident. The first was the completion of the . We were also told that when the 67/52 connection was completed the City of Santee would finish the road work and (Approximately 600 feet of roadway) so that Mast would run uninterrupted between 52 on the west end and Riverford Road on the east end.

In addition, we were advised that Grossmont Unified School District would be looking to restructure the attendance boundaries and that our children most likely would attend . 

Well, everything but the Mast extension has come to fruition and while we are very excited and relived that our children will have the it leaves one very serious question to be addressed. How are our children supposed to get to Santana with no completed Mast?  We are left with little choices, which include having them walk along El Nopel, which has no sidewalk and is dangerous even under perfect circumstances, or they can walk illegally through the fenced off dead-ends of Mast and deal with the sketchy that like to make that area their home as well as their go to “drug” spot.

Our understanding is that the City of Santee has taken the and has chosen to focus those funds on .

We wish to raise awareness of what a potential risk this could be to our youth.

Simply said: We believe the Mast Extension should be put back on the City’s priority agenda and our children should have the that they deserve.

-Quinn and Jennifer Johnze


Comment: What do you think about city spending priorities and connecting Mast?

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santee citizen July 12, 2013 at 10:25 PM
that project on Los Rachitos Rd is in Lakeside and the county will not pay santee to complete a road. it is too bad santee has let the ball drop on this project just like santee did with a proposition to put an on/exit ramp at woodside and highway 67. but there is plenty of money to take properties on Prospect ave to widen it!
Living on the border Lakeside/Santee August 15, 2013 at 04:14 PM
turko turko turko I say
Living on the border Lakeside/Santee August 15, 2013 at 04:16 PM
apparently the one in charge says its not Santee's problem as Santee residents do not use this road only lakeside residents, what if I stand in the middle of the street and stop every vehicle to get a count of just how many Santee residents this extension would benefit
TRT February 03, 2014 at 02:11 PM
Santee is planning on making that area a beautiful park area. YES!!!!! Lakeside people can continue to take the 67 to the 52, and also use the gorgeous park that will be there. Santee gets to spend all the money to put in the park, and the Mast Blvd people are happy. I think this is a win-win situation all the way around
Sand Tee February 04, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Sounds like a losing situation to anyone with some common sense. But the good news is that the county and city have had ongoing traffic surveys of the area and found that El Nopal is being traveled on over 12 times its intended use! Dangerous situation which should be remedied with the road that was supposed to be built years ago, before King Randy showed up. Speaking of the Mayor, he should be investigated for any kickbacks given by KB Homes when they started the planning of the project in the old Home of Guiding Hands lot. KB Homes should have been made to considerably fund the road completion just like all other improvement projects are made to do in cities or counties. This would have reduced Santee's share of the funding to almost non-existent. Smells like political back scratching to us!!


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