New Recycling Requirements for Multi-Unit Housing and Some Businesses

Assembly Bill 341 will require some new places to separate recyclables from trash.

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Part of a state law went into affect on July 1, Assembly Bill 341 changes reycling requirements at a local level. Businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week or a multifamily residential dwelling of five units or more are now required to separate recyclables from trash.

Read more about the new law at the CalRecycle website and find tools to help discover if the new law affects you.

CalRecycle estimates that about 470,000 businesses and multi-family residences will have to take specific actions to comply with the regulations. About 20 percent businesses are affected, the same segment that are responsible for about 75 percent of the commercial waste generated in California.

The state has implemented these rules because increasing the recovery of recyclable materials directly reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions by reducing the extraction of new raw materials, processing and manufacturing and decreasing methane emissions at landfills.

Santee recycling facts:

  • Santee successfully recycled 65 percent of recyclable waste in 2011- 15 percent more than required by law.
  • The city averages 4.5 pounds of waste per person each day, well short of the maximum of 6.5 pounds allowed by the state.

Recycling resources:

CoolCalifornia Carbon Footprint Calculator- Check your business or organization's carbon footprint and how to lower it.

Small Business Tool Kit- A "one-stop-shop" of guidance and resources to help small businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

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