Oct. 12 City Council Agenda Summary: Chickens Are Back, Seriously This Time

A vote is expected on chicken-keeping on residential lots, and the installation of stop signs and other road matters.

Below is a summary of what is due to occur at this week's Council meeting. Santee Patch regularly reports on Council meetings, so check back on Wednesday night for the lowdown on the meeting.

The next  begins Wed., Oct. 12, 2011:

Consent Calendar

• Council will vote on the installation of a raised concrete median at Magnolia and Palm Glen Drive

• Council will vote on the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Kreiner Way at Kaschube Way, Hirsch Road at Galston Drive and Highdale Road at Carita Road after requests wre received from residents concerned about overall traffic safety at these intersections. Staff recommends the council approve the stop signs. Details and staff reports are available in the meeting agenda (which can be found in the media box).

Continued Business

• The council will hear a staff report on urban agriculture and regulatory options regarding the keeping of fowl. A vote is expected on the issue.


• The council is asked to adopt a relocation plan for the project.

If you want to publicly comment on any topic, fill out a speaker slip at the beginning of the meeting.

For more detailed information see the full council agenda in the media box or download here.


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