River Blitz Surveys the State of Santee's River Parks

The San Diego River Park Foundation and its volunteers are hard at work keeping river clean, especially in Santee. See photos of the latest river survey.

Volunteers turned up at on Saturday ready for a nice walk along the with a specific purpose in mind- surveying trash, non-native plants and other anomalies in the semi-annual .

The San Diego River Park Foundation organizes the Blitz, which covers the river in Santee from Chubb Lane all the way through Carlton Oaks to . The volunteers broke into teams of four or five people, with at least one member being a trained leader, so volunteers need to experience.

Just about anything and everything ends up along the river, taken there and left by people or carried downstream: lawn chairs, dryers, lots of beer bottles and plastic bags, waste at fishing sites, homeless encampments, construction dumping and much more (see photos).

There are a handful of non-native, invasive plants we were to keep an eye out for, including Tamarix, Eucalyptus and Egyptian Palms. These crowd out native plants and suck up a lot of water.

My team was assigned the south bank of the river, beginning near Chubb Lane and Cottonwood Avenue, near the facility- which butts up against .

One person took photos, and three others took notes, one about trash, another about non-native plants and another about any anomalies within the park.

The data is then compiled into a State of the River report, which guides future and other projects.

The is doing a lot of work in and around Santee, and Santee Patch will continue to report on their activities.

g November 21, 2012 at 08:37 PM
I hope they don't go through and cut the tops off the palms, it looks so bad. If they are going to kill the tree they need to remove the stump to the ground.


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