San Diego River Coalition Opposes Power Plant, Filner Urges Action

Congressman Bob Filner: “Act now and you will have an impact.”

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Updated May 24 @ 2 p.m.

The San Diego River Coalition (SDRC), a panel of "representatives from groups and organizations with a common interest in the San Diego River," voted Friday to draft and distribute a letter opposing the Quail Brush Power Plant, proposed to be constructed and operated on the border of and within a mile of the San Diego River.

Congressman and San Diego Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner attended the meeting and voiced his opposition of the project to the panel.

“When they see opposition, that’s when they ask for more time," he said. "They are trying to narrow the situation to where their control is paramount- the California Energy Commission (CEC) at the State level, where their money and influence and lobbyists all have their say and the public is left out."

Filner had previously expressed his opposition to the project at the . He refuted the idea that it was too early to speak out against the project.

"This is your chance to influence the process," said Filner. "Act now and you will have an impact.”

The stated mission of the SDRC is to "preserve and enhance the San Diego River, its watershed, and its natural, cultural, and recreational resources."

SDRC voted to send the following letter opposing the Quail Brush Power Plant to the CEC and SDPC:

“The mission of the San Diego River Coalition is to preserve and enhance the San Diego River, its watershed, and its natural, cultural and recreational resources. Locating an industrial power plant at the proposed location within the Mission Trails Design District of East Elliot would contradict and be incompatible with the mission, vision and principles of the San Diego River Coalition. Therefore, we urge you to oppose changes to ‘laws, ordinances, standards and regulations’(LORS) needed to site the ‘Quail Brush Power Plant’ within the Mission Trails Design District of East Elliot and upon a parcel one-half-mile from the San Diego River.”

Cogentrix wrote a letter to the SDRC that was circulated with the agenda, urging them not to take a position, arguing that it is too early. , with Preserve Wild Santee, argued that the only real check on the CEC approval process is speaking now in support of the existing local laws that should not be changed to site the power plant.

Stop the Santee Power Plant is urging interested residents to write a letter to the CEC and SDPC by May 31.

The SDRC meeting followed where the project was shortly discussed and docketed on the agenda for the . The CEC has cancelled the June 28 workshop at Mission Trails because it would have fallen on the same date as the the site from open space to industrial.

The SDRC is made up of representatives of indipendent organizations, and the letter of opposition to the power plant wasn't authorized by the boards of those organizations.

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