Santee Food Trucks Require Health Inspection Letter Grades

The Santee City Council passed the ordinance at the last meeting.

Event: Food Truck Fundraiser for Rio Seco/Hill Creek DC Trip

Food truck operators will be required to display the same health inspection letter grades as restaurants under an ordinance passed unanimously Wednesday by the Santee City Council.

There have been more and more mobile food operations around Santee lately, featured at last year's Santee Summer Concert series, at events at Manzanita Brew Company, the Street Fair and Car Show and even a fundraiser for local schools.

The Santee city ordinance is based on one passed by San Diego County in 2012.

The county inspects around 1,100 mobile food operations in the region, of which 550 sell to the public, but the operators were not previously required to display the results, Supervisor Ron Roberts said. Restaurants generally display their blue letter grade on a placard in a front window.

-City News Service contributed to this report


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