Homeowner Assoc. Opposes Quail Brush Power Plant, Mayor Doubts City Can Help

The Sunset Greens Homeowner Association submitted a resolution opposing the peak power plant proposed to be constructed near Santee, and the Mayor explains why the city can't help oppose it.

Last week the Sunset Greens Homeowner Association submitted a resolution to the CA Energy Commission opposing the which is proposed to be built in the hills just north of Santee (a copy of the resolution can be found in the media box).

The Sunset Greens Community is situated in western Santee, bordering , and in an area that could be affected by the project.

The resolution in is broken into seven points, including pollution, noise, increased traffic and property value loss; it is fully quoted here:

  1. The Project will add to peak time pollution during the hottest times in the surrounding area particularly in SGHOA that includes a majority of non-air conditioned homes.
  2. Noise from the project will be a because so many residents rely on the quiet for using natural ventilation to cool their often open, but locked, homes during day and night. This project would destroy the evening silence of one the few areas nestled into a natural setting and in the quietest urban areas in San Diego County.
  3. The project will create downward pressure on already devastated in the closest neighborhoods. While other areas of San Diego may recover, the properties here will.be impacted because potential buyers will have to approach in full view of the 24,000 square foot main building of the proposed project.
  4. The natural desire to accelerate the return on the $150M investment will create pressure to run the power plant at times outside the peak time. if not all the time.
  5. Present "peak time" demands may soon become the norm resulting in this project running continually.
  6. Stated efficiencies of this project will encourage the sale of more efficient and less expensive energy to distant consumers, further pressuring the continuous use of the project-not just in peak times.
  7. Traffic in the vicinity of Mast and Highway 52 is already severely impacted for 4-5 hours per day; construction will create long delays and traffic snarls. Other traffic servicing the project will create more pressure on this already difficult section of highway.

The City Council said that they would be discussing the project in closed session at the , but they added that because the project is proposed to be built on City of San Diego land (the same land that the city has ), there is likely little the Council can do to oppose it.

According to , legal costs for the city to fight the power plant project would likely exceed $100,000 and it seems that the City of Santee has no clear legal recourse to oppose SDG&E, the City of San Diego or the Landfill operator.

"I would not support the City spending that much money opposing a project under very unfavorable legal conditions," Voepel said. "This would, in my opinion be a fight that we probably could not win."

"If the Sunset Greens Homeowners Association has $100,000+, to spend on a questionable legal action and would agree to be responsible for any legal costs to the city, I would consider working with them," he said.

Voepel cited the City of Santee's as a result of the state .

"We are in very tough times and the times just got tougher with the state taking our property tax money," he said.

A , informational hearing and public comment period will take place Jan. 25. .

Tom Vyse March 12, 2012 at 09:46 AM
Rudy, you've been busted! James, thanks for catching this one. Rudy, what was your source for the quote you sent to me? I actually thought you wrote it. Bad me!! Oops, just found it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide. Plagiarism doesn't get you a lot of points in this world.
Joe Spencer March 12, 2012 at 03:32 PM
OH man...multiple cut and paste responses from Rudy.....lol WOW Rudy....is this REALLY how credible you make yourself look when you are running for an elected position? If it weren't so pathetic it would be funny.
Scott March 12, 2012 at 03:34 PM
It nice to see that everyone is getting along, but this NOT a power plant it’s a Peaker Plant and for the people that don’t know what a Peaker Plant it’s a small power plant that is only used when power is needed or when the power is lost (we go dark). Also, SDG&E is not building this plant, but I think SDG&E dose owns the power lines and the Natural Gas that will be running the plant. And the last time I read Natural Gas is the best way to go its clean burning and the EPA will be on site if this Peaker Plant is used. The EPA has to check to make sure that the air quality is clean and not in violation of the clean air act. This Peaker Plant will give us jobs and money back into the city id the cards are played right. Therefore, for the people don’t what this plant please call SDG&E and tell them to please have your power turned off.
rudy reyes March 12, 2012 at 03:56 PM
i didnt realize i needed to source.
Tom Vyse March 12, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Oh please, Rudy, that is soooo weak to say you didn't realize you needed to "source". Now you make me doubt that you actually have your degrees. I would guess that every college requires you to at least use quote marks when you are quoting the work of others. To not quote and present the information as if it were your own is virtually the Definition of plagiarism. Please try to raise your standards.


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