Video: Gut-and-Amend, 'Are You Kidding Me!'

Assemblyman Brian Jones continues with his "Are You Kidding Me!" video series, explaining the frustrations of Sacramento to his constituents.

The office of Santee's State  (R-77) recently began filming and releasing one-minute online videos of the representative speaking about specific topics dealt with (or not) in Sacramento that drive him crazy.

In this video, Assemblyman Jones talks about the "abuses of 'gut-and-amend' and how this hurts Californians."

"Gut-and-amend" refers to the practice of adding last minute amendments to a bill that practically change the purpose of the bill.

"A bill should be available for public review for a minimum of 48 hours," Jones says.

Click here to see other videos by Jones and check back to Patch for future videos.


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