Video Interview With Jack Dale, Candidate for Santee City Council

Dale discusses what the next four years holds for Santee, including a river trail through town, incoming businesses and financial hardship for the city.

Read more about Jack Dale or "Meet the Candidates for Santee City Council"

Watch the video interview with Dale's opponent, City Council candidate Maggie Acerra.

Also watch a video interview with Mayoral candidate Rudy Reyes

Holly Lamb October 27, 2012 at 03:52 AM
Jack Dale being on the board of SanDag is not a good thing and to me it's a conflict of interest. You are a channel from the beliefs of Sandag to the families of Santee. SanDag is pushing the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century and that is the proper path for the City of Santee. If we ever restore sanity to California I hope that we ditch SanDag faster than the state has ditched the idea of Nuclear Power. People do not be fooled about 'finding revenue' in SanDag. The city council needs to get it's spending under control rather than be a slave to SanDag. People please look up SanDags 2050 plan. They want us all in Stack and pack housing going to work on the trolley. Don't believe me? Ride the trolley and notice all the stack and pack housing there is. Listening to Jack Dale about the State and Federal Funds for grants, well Jack Dale do you realize that grants from the State and Federal government COME FROM WE THE PEOPLE. The Government cannot give us anything that they did not take from another citizen of California or citizens of the United States. The days of 'redistribution of wealth' need to stop. If you want to improve the city use your own money I'm tired of the state and feds taking mine for SanDag's grandiose ideas. You maybe running the letter R but you are as left as they come. I am Holly Lamb and I approve this message.


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